Working with Consumers

At Melanoma Research Victoria we believe that placing consumers at the centre of melanoma research is fundamental to discovering meaningful diagnostics, treatments and health service improvements for patients.  Professor Grant McArthur

MRV Consumers are community members with a lived experience of Melanoma, who are passionate about advancing research and improving outcomes for all.  

  • The Consumer Reference Group (CRG) is an integral component of MRV, contributing to its governance, strategic direction, research priories and commitment to advocating for all Melanoma patients.
  • The Project Reference Group (PRG) comprises of consumers who are skilled in reviewing grant applications and working with researchers on project ideas and proposals. 

These two groups of consumers are available to engage with any melanoma researchers seeking consumer perspectives. Members have completed in-house training, have signed a confidentiality agreement and enjoy hearing the latest theories and contributing to new project proposals.

Our recommendation for the researcher is: 

  1. Download and complete the  Melanoma Research Victoria Consumer Engagement Registration Form
  2. Provide a lay summary and project proposal to the consumers via MRV staff – The earlier the better.
  3. Give a lay presentation to the group via zoom a few days later. 
  4. Receive completed review templates from consumers within a fortnight after the presentation.

This approach has several advantages. Consumers can provide input into the initial stages of the project. MRV can maximise the number of consumers attending by inviting both groups – remembering that all are volunteers and are at different points in their work, life and health journey. The researcher gets multiple points of view via questions at the presentation and through the written reports. Experience tells us, that a better connection and greater understanding is achieved during a face to face event. 

In many instances, researchers and consumers connect and form an ongoing research-consumer relationship which MRV is happy to foster. Should this occur we encourage you to consider consumer remuneration, which is recommended but not compulsory. More information can be found in the MRV Remuneration Fact Sheet for Researchers

Project reviews without the presentation are also possible but are not as comprehensive, particularly when reporting levels of engagement in your next funding proposal.

Consumer review costs

  • Nil for MRV researchers*
  • $500 for non-MRV researchers

*MRV made a commitment to remunerate our valuable consumer representatives in 2021. The MRV Governance Committee has agreed to cover consumer remuneration costs for MRV projects only.