MRV Biospecimens

MRV participants consent to MRV retrieving archival FFPE tissue, collecting fresh tissue and collecting blood samples. MRV can accommodate the collection of additional specimen types for approved prospective projects.  Additional participant consent will be required. Eg. Saliva, stool, fresh biopsies. 

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MRV Tissue samples include

  • FFPE primaries 
  • FFPE surgical specimens (LNs, metastases)
  • Fresh tissue collection (prospective MRV projects only)

Note: Many of our FFPE tissue samples are provided by collaborating external pathology companies. We cannot supply blocks, only sections on slides or scrolls.

MRV has access to approximately 56,000 blood biospecimen aliquots, which include:

  • Plasma
  • Serum
  • Blood Pellets
  • PBMCs (limited)