Governance Committee

The MRV Governance Committee represents each of the partner organisations, multiple clinical and non-clinical disciplines and numerous melanoma research interests.  Governance Committee approval is required to access MRV data or biospecimens. 

Prof Grant McArthur

A/Prof Victoria Mar

Dr Damien Kee

Dr Craig Underhill

Dr David Speakman

A/Prof Shahneen Sandhu

Prof Mark Shackleton

A/Prof Andrew Haydon

Dr Jessica Da Gama Duarte

Mrs Alison Button-Sloan

Past Governance Committee Members

  • Dr Campbell Rose
  • Prof John Kelly
  • Prof Ian Davis
  • Prof Jonathan Cebon
  • Mr Paul White
  • Mr David Gyorki

MRV Staff

  • Ms Sonia Mailer
  • Ms Kristy Banes-Cullen
  • Ms Karen Winch
  • Ms Jo Hawking
  • Ms Karen Scott