MRV Consumers

At Melanoma Research Victoria we believe that placing consumers at the centre of melanoma research is fundamental to discovering meaningful diagnostics, treatments and health service improvements for patients. Professor Grant McArthur

MRV Consumers are community members with a lived experience of Melanoma, who are passionate about advancing research and improving outcomes for all.

  • The Consumer Reference Group (CRG) is an integral component of MRV, contributing to its governance, strategic direction, research priories and commitment to advocating for all Melanoma patients.
  • The Project Reference Group (PRG) comprises consumers who are skilled in reviewing grant applications and working with researchers on project ideas and proposals.

MRV is committed to respectfully acknowledging the contribution that people with a lived experience of melanoma bring to research and has implemented a remuneration package for our consumer members for specific activities.

More information can be found in the MRV Remuneration Fact Sheet for Consumers (PDF link).

The chair of the MRV Consumer Reference Group is Ms Alison Button-Sloan.

Are you interested in becoming a MRV Consumer?

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