Collaborate With Us

MRV has 26 investigators named on its Protocol, highlighting the value we put on collaboration.  If you would like to explore synergies and opportunities to work with us please contact MRV. 

Resources Available to Researchers

MRV has a wide range of resources for researchers and clinician-researchers to utilise.

MRV recruits patients from the melanoma clinics at its five Victorian partner organisations. Over 3,500 people have agreed to participate in the study. Through participant generosity and belief in melanoma research MRV has the following resources for researchers and clinician-researchers to utilise:

  • Clinical Data – incorporates over 300 data fields per participant including: demographic; clinical; staging; surgery; molecular pathology
  • Follow Up up to 10 years of recurrence, treatment and survival data
  • Bio Specimens – over 55,000 blood and tissue aliquots
  • Quality of Life Data –
    – Supportive Care Needs Survey (SCNS-SF) Two domains: health system and information; and patient care and support
    – European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) QLQ30;
    – Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy – Melanoma FACT-M
  • Medicare/Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (MBS/PBS) data linkage
    – As of February 2022, 1,064 participants had consented to allow MRV access to their MBS/PBS data.

Benefits of collaborating with MRV

Collaborate now with MRV researchers to access our one-stop-shop cohort resource for melanoma research. Our clinical data and biospecimens have contributed to 80 research projects and generated more than 200 publications. This 12-year-old cohort has an extensive follow-up, as a result of its annual request for data from MRV participant’s clinicians, adding considerable value to your new research questions.

We have assisted local, national and international researchers with their projects, validations and consumer engagement.

If you are interested in health costs, patient-reported outcomes, demographics, validations, biospecimens, and/or clinical data you should explore our resource pages and then contact us for a preliminary estimate of numbers.

Contact the MRV team to find out how you can collaborate with us

Collaborating With MRV – Next Steps

To request a preliminary query regarding the approximate numbers of cases, data or biospecimens for your next project/funding application please contact MRV.

Approval Process

All proposed projects are required to be scientifically reviewed and approved by the MRV Governance Committee prior to receiving any MRV material.

This is done by :

Questions regarding scientific rigour and/or approval generally occur within two weeks.

Conflicted Governance Committee members are not included in the review or decision. External experts can be consulted if required.


The following are the cost recovery charges for data extractions, biospecimens and a variable administration charge according to collaboration status*.

The cost recovery guide for 2022 is:

  • FFPE tissue $250 (extra processing fees may apply)
  • Fresh tissue $315
  • Blood aliquot $20
  • Clinical Data $50 per hour
  • QOL Data $50 per hour
  • MBS/PBS data please contact MRV regarding additional requirements
  • Administration to be determined on a case-by-case basis
  • Courier Researchers cost

*Collaboration status is defined as anticipated authorship from research outputs of an investigator from an MRV participant. 

Categories For Collaboration

The following are the categories available for collaboration with MRV:

  1. MRV participant is defined as an entity is subject to the MRV research collaboration agreement for investigator-initiated projects
  2. External Academic investigators and entities (with MRV collaboration) include not-for-profit institutions such as Universities, Medical Research Institutes and Hospitals that are not MRV participants where the Principal Investigator for the Project is employed by the academic entity.
  3. External Academic investigators and entities (without MRV collaboration) include not-for-profit institutions such as Universities, Medical Research Institutes and Hospitals that are not MRV participants where the Principal Investigator for the Project is employed by the academic entity.
  4. Commercial investigators and groups indicate for-profit entities such as pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Researcher Obligations

Researchers using MRV resources are obliged to formally acknowledge MRV in all related presentations and publications. 

The MRV Acknowledgment for Papers and Presentations must read:

The authors wish to thank Melanoma Research Victoria and acknowledge the MRV sites contributing to this work: (select one or more)

  • Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, 
  • Victorian Melanoma Service, Alfred Health
  • Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute, Austin Health
  • Skin Health Institute
  • Border Medical Oncology Research Unit


If Melanoma Research Victoria is listed as an author the following statement is included in the acknowledgements or supplementary note area –

The MRV Principal Investigators for this project are: (select one or more) Grant McArthur, Victoria Mar, Damien Kee, Peter Foley and Craig Underhill