MRV believes in collaboration to achieve the best patient outcomes possible. MRV can offer approved researchers multiple resource types, connections to expert research collaborators and consumer reviews/engagement to enhance research projects.

MRV has supported >75 research projects and contributed to >195 publications since it began in 2010. Project disciplines vary substantially from specific clinical questions, immunology studies, and Quality of Life projects, to non-clinical health economic studies.

MRV has research collaborations with its five partner organisations, as well as other key research institutions including the University of Melbourne; Doherty Institute; Monash University; Eastern Health, Box Hill Hospital; Walter and Eliza Hall Institute (WEHI); and BioGrid Australia. A Collaborative MRV Research Confidentiality Agreement allows all existing collaborators to meet and share melanoma research and ideas at MRV forums.

External project collaborations have also been done with international groups such as MD Anderson Cancer Center, Texas; the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK; and SkylineDx in the Netherlands.

MRV is open to new research ideas and collaborations with melanoma researchers everywhere. More information can be found here