Woman TikToker Is ‘Puzzled’ By A Faint Line On Her Fingernail: It Turned Out To Be Cancer

Source: survivornet, March 2022

What Is Subungual Melanoma?

  • Maria Sylvia was diagnosed with subungual melanoma, a specific type of skin cancer that lives in the nail bed, after discovering what she thought was “a cool streak in [her] nail.”
  • Melanoma, in general, is considered the most deadly type of skin cancer. Paying attention to moles or growths on your skin is an easy way to look out for melanoma since changes to a mole you’ve had for a while or developing a new growth you don’t remembering having on your skin could be signs of this cancer, according to SurvivorNet’s experts.
  • While checking your nails for melanoma skin cancer, look for things like dark streaks and nail splitting. If you see one or any of these indications of skin cancer when examining your nails, don’t jump to the conclusion that you have cancer, but definitely get it checked out.