What is the accuracy of reflectance confocal microscopy (RCM) for the diagnosis of cutaneous malignant melanoma (MM) or melanoma in situ (MiS) in adults?

Source: Cochrane Library, September 2020

Reviewers identified eight studies (9 evaluations, 1452 lesions, 370 cases of MM/MiS) that assessed the diagnostic accuracy of RCM, most commonly using histology as the reference standard (one study used unequivocal clinical and conventional dermoscopic criteria, and another used clinical follow-up in most participants).

Across studies, average sensitivity ranged from 63% to 100% (8/9 yielded sensitivities > 86%) and specificity from 57% to 95%.

Reviewers calculated a pooled estimate for specificity of 82% based on a fixed sensitivity of 90%.