Understanding Melanoma information booklet

Melanoma Patients Australia prides itself on offering dedicated and responsive support to melanoma patients, their families and friends. Melanoma Patients Australia has developed this Patient Guide to provide a starting point for people in their journey with melanoma. It is important to MPA that patients know they have access to information and a network of support.

This guide offers introductory information to melanoma patients as well as their carers, family and friends. Throughout this booklet you will find references to external resources and organisations that can provide you with more in depth information and specific advice regarding your personal situation. Most importantly, after reading this Patient Guide if you require further up to date information we recommend that you start with our website, www.melanomapatients.org.au, where you will find recent research findings, links to support and medical organisations as well as all of our patient services.

Wherever you are on your melanoma journey, Melanoma Patients Australia is here to support you. Being diagnosed with melanoma can be an isolating, confusing and frightening experience and hopefully this booklet can clarify some of the questions you may have.

Please click here to download the booklet.