Tel Aviv University’s Prof. Carmit Levy receives Young Investigator Award from SMR

Source: Eurek Alert!, January 2020

Tel Aviv University’s Prof. Carmit Levy received the prestigious Young Investigator Award at the 16th International Congress of the Society for Melanoma Research, held November 20-23 in Salt Lake City, Utah, for her “contributions to melanoma research that significantly exceeded the average for this career stage.”

Sponsored by the Melanoma Research Foundation, the award is presented to an independent researcher within the first five years of his or her career for discoveries about the mechanisms driving melanoma that have had an undeniable impact on cancer research.

“Melanoma can be devastating, creeping up on a person years after initial malignant transformation,” says Prof. Karen Avraham, vice dean of TAU’s Sackler Faculty of Medicine. “Prof. Levy’s research has discovered key elements of melanoma metastasis and is laying the groundwork for future therapies. We at Tel Aviv University continue to take great pride in her and her team’s remarkable research in cancer development, specifically melanoma.”

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