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Tanning bed ban comes into force

Source: Daily Telegraph, December 2014

If you want to get a tan in the New Year, you’ll have to go the natural way or opt for a quick spray, as solariums will be banned across NSW.
From Thursday, it will be illegal to offer UV tanning services for a fee in the state with fines of up $44,000 for anyone caught offering them.

At least 10 people die every year from melanoma caused by tanning beds in NSW.

Long-time anti-solarium campaigner and Melanoma Institute Australia co-ordinator Jay Allen applauded the move.

“These dangerous machines have caused the deaths of many friends of mine and almost took my own life,” he said.

“Every six months, I have scans and blood tests, to make sure my stage-3 melanoma does not return. It’s a terrifying time.” Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia also have recently moved to ban tanning beds.

A new raft of tougher environmental rules will also take effect from January 1.

Anti-solarium campaigner Jay Allen had stage-3 melanoma he says was from his use of tanning beds.

Anti-solarium campaigner Jay Allen had stage-3 melanoma he says was from his use of tanning beds.
Source Daily Telegraph

Under the laws, the maximum penalty for a corporation that does not comply with the environmental authority regarding a contamination order will rise from $137,500 to $1 million.

Smoking will also be banned across NSW’s 860 national parks from Thursday.

The state government says the move is aimed at lessening the risk of bushfires and reducing litter.

The ban applies to picnic areas, camping grounds, beaches, lookouts, walking tracks and national parks roads.

In another major NSW reform to be introduced on January 1, TAFE colleges will find it more difficult to secure government funding under the Baird government’s Smart & Skilled program.

The changes will mean government subsidies will only be given to courses that address skills shortages and that will lead to jobs. Previously, TAFE colleges received block state funding.

Labor, the Greens and unions say the changes will cause a dramatic increase to TAFE fees and could force colleges to go out of business.

Meanwhile, the threshold at which land owners in NSW must pay land tax annually will increase from $412,000 to $432,000 from January 1. AAP ev/cdh

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