Sunscreen allergies in children are rare cases, “the real danger is sunburn” – News from pediatricians

Source: Breaking Latest News, August 2023

Sunscreen allergies in children “are rare cases. The real danger is sunburn: 5 episodes under the age of 20 increase the possibility of developing melanoma or other skin tumors by up to 80%. Thus Michele Miraglia Del Giudice, president of the Italian Society of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology (Siaip) intervenes on the study of the American Academy of Pediatrics which advised caution for the use of some types of sunscreens among the most widespread because a substance contained, l Oxybenzone has been reported as dangerous by two authoritative American scientific bodies, the Ewg (Environmental Working Group) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

“The studies behind this alarm are serious – says Miraglia -. However, it must be said that oxybenzone, which can also be indicated on labels as oxybenzone, benzophenone-3 or BP-3, is present in only 20% of creams sun protection in Italy. It is therefore quite easy for parents to avoid it”. In fact, according to the expert, it is “very dangerous for an attitude of skepticism towards all sunscreens to spread among the public. If you want to reduce the possibility of adverse effects, I recommend mineral-based products such as zinc oxide, which are particularly suitable in case of atopic dermatitis. But the real danger is not using sunscreens at all for fear of these ailments”.

Siaip, in agreement with the Italian Society of Pediatrics (Sip), provides the golden rules to remember before taking children to the beach. If infants of less than 6 months must never be exposed to the sun, children from 6 months to three years must use filters with a factor of Spf +50.