Sunbeds and Solariums will be banned in NSW and other states could follow

Solariums will be banned in NSW from 2014 because of fear they cause melanomas.

The ban on commercial ultraviolet (UV) solarium tanning units will come into effect from December 31, 2014, to give tanning businesses time to adjust.

Environment Minister Robyn Parker will announce the proposal, which will affect 103 solariums in NSW.

Australia has the highest melanoma rate in the world, with 400 people dying each year. The International Agency for Research in Cancer has classed tanning beds as a grade 1 carcinogen – the same ranking as tobacco.

Ms Parker described the ban as “long overdue”.

WA could follow a New South Wales ban on solariums, with Health Minister Kim Hames yesterday, saying he had an “open mind” on a plan to scrap tanning salons here.

Solariums will be banned in NSW from 2014 because of fears they cause skin cancers, including melanomas.

The Cancer Council of WA said it would call on the State Government to follow the NSW ban.

Extracted from “Cancer in the News” produced by the Cancer Council Australia. Cancer in the News does not necessarily represent the views of Cancer Council Australia.

Community Coordinator at Melanoma Institute Australia and an active member of the Australian Melanoma Consumer Alliance, Jay Allen was instrumental in bringing about this change in NSW. He is also working on having this legislation extended to other states. Well done Jay!

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