Sun Misconceptions: New Study Reveals Ontario Youth are Misguided in their Understanding of Melanoma, Sun Safety and Protection Efforts

Source: News Wire(CISION), April 2019

OAKVILLE, ONMarch 26, 2019 /CNW/ – A new study from the Melanoma Network of Canada uncovered that large gaps exist in the understanding of melanoma and impacts of sun exposure on the skin as well as in the knowledge and attitudes towards sun safety and protection efforts in youth aged 15-29.

Two-thirds of Ontario youth (65%) acknowledge that while they know sun safety is important, they don’t always take the appropriate steps to protect themselves. Furthermore, fewer than half report they regularly take steps to protect their skin from the sun, even during the sunny summer months.

A history of sunburn and tanning is an important risk factor for melanoma and with 59% of survey respondents noting that they have experienced a severe sunburn before, the potential for new incidences of melanoma is jarring.

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