SLC25A13 Could Be Prognostic, Therapeutic Biomarker in Skin Cutaneous Melanoma

Source: AJMC, June 2022

The analysis suggests the marker could be used to screen patients for potential immunotherapy.

Solute carrier family 25 member 13 (SLC25A13) may be a powerful prognostic biomarker in patients with skin cutaneous melanoma (SKCM), according to new research.

The study, published in Disease Markers, showed that patients with SKCM who had higher expression of SLC25A13 tended to have a poorer prognosis. Authors said the biomarker may also be useful in determining which patients are most likely to respond to immunotherapy.

SKCM is responsible for nearly three-quarters of skin carcinoma deaths, and patients who do not undergo early surgical resection face “shockingly high mortality,” explained the study’s authors, including corresponding author Chong Zhang, PhD, of Zhejiang University City College in China.