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Skin: Tanning beds cancer dread – Banned NSW solarium machines may flood ACT

Published Canberra Times, 27/5/2012, page 3

A cancer support group has warned of a potentially deadly backyard trade in tanning beds, as Australian states move to ban the UV units.

Tanning beds are considered as deadly as cigarettes, asbestos and plutonium by the International Agency for Research in Cancer ranking system.

Commercial solariums have begun selling off their equipment to private buyers via online auction sites due to tighter regulations.

The ACT Cancer Council warned home use was potentially more dangerous than tanning at regulated salons.

The council fears the home use of tanning beds will leave users at risk of overexposure and developing skin cancer.

Scores of the UV beds are expected to flood the market in the coming years after the NSW government in February announced a ban on commercial tanning units would come into effect on December 31, 2014.

ACT Canberra Council sunsmart service co-ordinator David Wild said,

“This is another example of why the ACT should follow NSW’s example and consider a ban because the last we need is for solariums to be purchased by individual owners who will put themselves at risk.”