Researchers Propose Novel Methodology for Computer-Aided Diagnostic System in Melanoma

Source: AJMC, April 2022

In cancer care, early diagnosis and treatment is crucial for the best possible outcomes. This is certainly true in skin cancer, which is the most common type of cancer in the United States and one of the fastest growing causes of death. A recent study published in Scientific Reports explored a novel deep learning-based, automatic system for skin lesion segmentation to aid in early melanoma diagnosis.

“As equipment and professional human resources are usually not available for each patient to be tested, an automated computer-aided diagnostic (CAD) system is needed to determine skin lesions such as melanoma, nonmelanoma, and benign,” study authors wrote.

Study authors noted that according to WHO reports, 1 in 3 cancer cases is skin cancer. Given how common melanoma is, ensuring each patient receives appropriate diagnosis and care is a tall order. Well-trained, generalized CAD systems have the potential to interpret dermoscopic images and improve the objectivity of their interpretation.