Recap: Treatments and Response Monitoring in Melanoma

Source: Cancer Network, February 2022

John Kirkwood, MD, PhD, discusses the use of immunotherapy as a treatment option for melanoma, including ctDNA, and how to properly monitor responses.

In a recent OncView™ program hosted by CancerNetwork®, John M. Kirkwood, MD, director of the Melanoma Center at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Hillman Cancer Center, in Pittsburgh PA, detailed immunotherapeutic and targeted treatment options and response monitoring in patients with melanoma.

To start, Kirkwood acknowledged the development of melanoma therapies over the last 50 years. “It’s become a diametrically opposite situation to what we had just 10 years ago when we were still giving chemotherapy. We were still giving combinations of chemotherapy, which were toxic and had no demonstrable survival benefit in this disease,” he said.