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Rapid liquid biopsies for melanoma patients

Source: Lab + Life Scientist, December 2016

The Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute (ONJCRI) is using blood test technology from Bio-Rad Laboratories to detect and analyse cancer genes in melanoma patients. The blood test, called a ‘liquid biopsy’, is essentially a blood sample that researchers can use to detect fragments of circulating tumour DNA that carries certain mutations in the BRAF gene.

For advanced (Stage 4) melanoma, it is critical that a patient is treated as soon as possible. But finding out if a patient has a BRAF V600E or BRAF V600K mutation from a tissue biopsy takes between usually 2–3 weeks. A liquid biopsy can provide the same information in less than three days — or even within 24 hours in urgent cases. And if a patient tests positive for the gene mutation, their doctor can prescribe a drug that targets the mutated BRAF protein.

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