Patient videos for those about to start immunotherapy

February 2019

A group of researchers at Peter Mac have spent the past year working with patients, family
members, nurses and medical oncologists to develop a series of videos for patients about to start
immunotherapy. We developed these videos “brand free” so they are suitable for use by all
patients, irrespective of the type of cancer they have, where they are being treated and what
organisation they belong to.
There are five videos in total. They were designed by our consumer steering committee to cover the
topics most important to them, and feature patients, family and nurses. Each video covers a specific
topic relating to starting immunotherapy treatment. They include: general information, or ‘what you
need to know’, how to best prepare for your immunotherapy infusion, side-effects, lifestyle and

Video links:

Video 1: What you need to know about Immunotherapy

Video 2: Preparing for Immunotherapy

Video 3: Immunotherapy and side-effects

Video 4 Immunotherapy and lifestyle

Video 5: Seeking support and Immunotherapy