Novel nivolumab combination shows efficacy for advanced solid tumors

Source: Healio, June 2018

The combination of the CD122-based agonist NKTR-214 with nivolumab appeared well tolerated with promising efficacy among patients with a variety of advanced tumor types, according to preliminary results of the phase 1/phase 2 open-label PIVOT trial presented at ASCO Annual Meeting.

Prespecified efficacy criteria were achieved in three tumor types — first-line melanoma, first-line renal cell carcinoma and first-line urothelial cancer.

NKTR-214 (Nektar) as monotherapy increases newly proliferative CD8+ T cells in tumors and increases cell surface PD-1 and PD-L1 expression, suggesting it may be synergistic with anti-PD-1 therapy such as nivolumab (Opdivo, Bristol-Myers Squibb).

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