A New Team Member Joins Us! Welcome Lesa Muir

Source: Team NZHL Women Beyond Cancer, January 2018

So when Rachael Moore decided for personal and family reasons that she could no longer be in the team, I have to admit I was saddened. She had her reasons and we had to respect that.
So we began to ask around and sent out some emails, and Facebook messages. I had recently raced a 24hr with a guy called Tim, and he mentioned he had raced with a chick Lesa in South Africa and that she may well be perfect for us. I set about contacting Lesa and introducing us, and of course the inevitable questioning began…how much racing has she done? Where is she at in terms of fitness? What was she doing in March? etc…
After some positive conversations it was decided that meeting up with Deanna in Melbourne for a wee MTB outing would give us a better idea of who she was and how she would fit into the team. Deanna is the most experienced of us all, she’s been in more teams, more races and knows what it takes more than any of us. So I left it in her capable hands to send some time with Lesa.
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