New RACGP Category 1 Accredited Online Training on Skin Cancer for GP’s

There is a new Category 1, RACGP accredited active learning module or ALM, on skin cancer for GP’s. It will be available on the Think GP website at from Thursday 8 September, 2011 and is suitable for GPs across Australia.

The online training, guides GPs through the epidemiology of skin cancers in Australia, skin cancer prevention, UV radiation and vitamin d awareness, the diagnosis and management of melanoma, and the most common non-melanoma skin cancers. There are three modules – biopsy techniques, skin cancer prevention and vitamin D, diagnosis and management of non-melanoma skin cancers and diagnosis and management of melanoma.

On completion of the ALM, participants should be able to:

  • Discuss UV index and SunSmart UV alert with patients and provide advice about the right amount of sun exposure and sun protection required to assist vitamin D levels.
  • Describe the clinical diagnosis and management of the most common skin cancers in Australia.
  • Relate the epidemiology and anatomical distribution of the most common skin cancers in Australia.
  • Identify clinical and histopathological features of lesions indicating the need for specialist referral.
  • Select biopsy techniques for suspicious lesions and know the appropriate excision margins for melanoma according to Breslow thickness.
  • Improve patient safety by appreciating the importance of a systematic approach to a full skin examination and educating patients regarding skin cancer prevention.

The ALM takes approximately six hours to complete. Participants can access and exit activities at their convenience.

If you have any queries on CCV GP program please contact Philippa Davis, General Practice Program Liaison Officer on 03 9635 5049