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New Evidence Presented on Accuracy of DecisionDx-Melanoma Prognosis Test

Source: Melanoma News Today, June 2017

Castle Biosciences presented three abstracts on the validity of using its 31-Gene Expression Profile (GEP) Test for melanoma prognosis at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2017 annual meeting June 2-6 in Chicago.

The GEP test, also known as the DecisionDx-Melamona test, uses 31 genes from primary melanoma tissue to provide an assessment of individual risk of melanoma recurrence and metastasis. By studying the individual molecular signature of each tumor, this test can help physicians form an informed opinion on the prognosis of individual melanoma cases.

The DecisionDx-Melamona test stratifies patients into one of two classes. If patients have a low five-year risk of metastasis, they are considered as class 1. If they are high risk, they are classified as class 2. To date, the GEP test has consistently shown accuracy in the prognosis of 690 patients in three multicenter studies. Results from all studies have supported a role for the DecisionDx-Melamona test as a complement to traditional staging methods.

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