Neoadjuvant and Frontline Studies Guide Malignant Melanoma Treatment

Source: OncLive, November 2019

The development of targeted therapies and immune checkpoint inhibitors has changed the management of malignant melanoma, providing safer and more effective treatment options and improving outcomes for many patients with this malignancy. However, the question of how best to use these and other treatments, such as oncolytic viruses, to optimize outcomes remains unanswered.

“I think if we had no other effective agents in the next 10 years, we’d be very busy trying to figure out what to do for our patients. We could probably improve the survival of our patients if we just knew which patients to offer which therapies to,” Ryan J. Sullivan, MD, said during an OncLive Peer Exchange®.

During the Peer Exchange, 5 melanoma experts discussed findings from several exciting studies presented at the 2019 American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting that are helping to change the way patients with malignant melanoma are treated. The studies were conducted in the neoadjuvant and frontline settings.

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