National Skin Cancer Action Week -Walk for Mela-No-More at your own pace.

Source: Get The Word Out, October 2022

The Australian Melanoma Research Foundation (AMRF) is urging everyone to Walk for Mela-No-More during National Skin Cancer Action Week (NSCAW) from Monday 21 to Sunday 27 November 2022.

The death rate from melanoma is higher than the national road toll so this initiative raises vital funds to support research, awareness and prevention programs.

“Melanoma is known as Australia’s national cancer because we have the highest incident rate in the world,” said Marisa Chilcott, CEO AMRF. “Research has led to great improvements in patient outcomes in the past 10 years and with further investment, we hope that in another decade, no Australian will die of melanoma. It’s continued research and prevention that will make the difference. More than 90% of all melanoma’s can be treated successfully if caught early,” Marisa concluded.