MYC inhibition in melanoma: preclinical promise and the unveiling of a prognostic gene signature

Source: Eurek Alert!, April 2023

Published in the journal Genes & Development*, results of a study led by Laura Soucek, co-Director of the Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology’s Preclinical and Translational Research Program, show that the expression of Omomyc in preclinical melanoma models disrupts MYC activity and alters gene expression profiles, reducing cancer proliferation and progression.

Results suggest that Omomyc MYC-targeted therapy could potentially open up a new treatment avenue for melanoma, and point to the future development of clinical trials to assess the efficacy of this mighty mini-protein against this tumor type.

Developed by VHIO-born spin-off Peptomyc, Omomyc is the most cheracterized MYC inhibitor to date. This novel targeted therapy has successfully completed a phase I clinical trial.