Modulating Levels of miR 204-5p Could Become a Therapeutic Approach for Melanoma

Source: Pharmacy Times, June 2023

The microRNA member miR-204-5p inhibits apoptosis in melanoma cells treated with dacarbazine or when overexpressed.

MicroRNA (miR/miRNA) can regulate the efficacy of chemotherapy for melanoma by modulating apoptosis—or cell cycle arrest— in cancer cells, according to the results of a recent study published in Oncology Research. miR-204-5p is a member of the miRNA oncosuppressor family that was shown to reduce apoptosis in cancer cells treated with dacarbazine (DTIC-Dome; Bayer) or in cells that had an overexpression of miR-204-5p.

“miR-204-5p could affect cancer cell resistance to chemotherapeutic drugs mostly via modulating apoptosis,” the study authors wrote in the article. “Therefore, miR-204-5p could be involved in the apoptosis of melanoma cells triggered by DTIC or miR-204-5p overexpression.”