Melanoma thickness associated with decreased survival

Source: Healio, February 2022

Melanoma thickness has a progressive relationship with decreasing survival, however that relationship is lost in patients with melanomas 15 mm or thicker, according to a study.

“Most thick melanomas exceed 4 mm in thickness by just a few millimeters. However, little is known about the prognostic value of Breslow thickness in patients with melanomas greater than 8 mm,” Mary-Ann El Sharouni, MD, of the Melanoma Institute Australia at the University of Sydney, and colleagues wrote. “Our clinical impression has been that long-term survival occurs more often in patients with ‘ultra-thick’ melanomas (which we defined as 15 mm or greater) than in some patients with melanomas in the 4 mm to 8 mm range.”

A cohort study analyzed melanomas 4 mm and thicker in of 5,595 patients in the Netherlands and Australia.