Melanoma: Survivorship Care

Source: Med Page Today, May 2023

“Medical Journeys" is a set of clinical resources reviewed by doctors, meant for physicians and other healthcare professionals as well as the patients they serve. Each episode of this 12-part journey through a disease state contains both a physician guide and a downloadable/printable patient resource. “Medical Journeys" chart a path each step of the way for physicians and patients and provide continual resources and support, as the caregiver team navigates the course of a disease.

Today more than 18 million Americans are living with cancer. That compares with 3 million in 1971. The number will continue to increase, surpassing 22 million by the end of the decade.

Two thirds of people with a history of cancer have lived 5 years or longer after diagnosis, and almost 20% have survived 20 years or longer. About two thirds of survivors are age 65 or older. Globally, the United States accounts for more than half of all long-term cancer survivors.