“Melanoma in Mexicans has increased by 500% in 30 years, we must study the cause”

Source: SmallCapNews, April 2022

Few know that melanoma, or melanoma, which is most common in Mexico, is not caused by ultraviolet radiation, as it does in people of white skin and European genetic ancestry. However, the world’s largest cancer research centers have no priority for studying what might be the specific genetic mutations of Mexicans and Latin Americans that generate cancer cells in the skin.

Faced with this void, Daniela Robles Espinosa, Ph.D. in genomics, decided to return to Mexico in 2015, after having studied and worked for six years at the University of Cambridge and England’s Wellcome Sanger Institute.

“I study a specific type of skin cancer called Acral lentiginous, which is most common in Mexico and is very different from those that arise from exposure to ultraviolet light,” a bioinformatics expert working at the International Laboratory for Research in Human Genomes (LIIGH), from the National Autonomous University of Mexico ( UNAM), in Queretaro.