Melanoma Articles for Feb-April 2020

Journal of Investigative Dermatology

Available online 20 January 2020

Activated Hgf-Met Signaling Cooperates with Oncogenic BRAF to Drive Primary Cutaneous Melanomas and Angiotropic Lung Metastases in Mice

Andreas DominikBraun1MiriamMengoni1SusanneBonifatius1ThomasTüting1EvelynGaffal1


February 1 2020

Quality-of-Life Assessment in French Patients With Metastatic Melanoma in Real Life

Marguerite Kandel, PharmD; Stéphane Dalle, MD, PhD; Aurélie Bardet, MSc; Clara Allayous, PhD; Laurent Mortier, MD, PhD; Caroline Dutriaux, MD, PhD; Bernard Guillot, MD, PhD; Marie-Thérèse Leccia, MD, PhD; Sophie Dalac, MD, PhD; Delphine Legoupil, MD, PhD; Philippe Saiag, MD, PhD; Henri Montaudie, MD, PhD; Jean-Philippe Arnault, MD, PhD; Florence Brunet-Possenti, MD, PhD; Jean-Jacques Grob, MD, PhD; Julie DeQuatrebarbes, MD, PhD; Marie Beylot-Barry, MD, PhD; Thierry Lesimple, MD, PhD; François Aubin, MD, PhD; Eve Maubec, MD, PhD; Florence Granel-Brocard, MD, PhD; Pierre-Emmanuel Stoebner, MD, PhD; Alain Dupuy, MD, PhD; Brigitte Dreno, MD, PhD; Stefan Michiels, PhD; Céleste Lebbe, MD, PhD; and Isabelle Borget, PharmD, PhD

DOI: 10.1002/cncr.32554, Received: April 4, 2019; Revised: July 10, 2019; Accepted: August 21, 2019, Published online October 22, 2019 in Wiley Online Library (

Cancer Research

Melanoma-secreted lysosomes trigger monocyte-derived dendritic cell apoptosis and limit cancer immunotherapy

Nadine Santana-Magal, Leen Farhat-Younis, Amit Gutwillig, Annette Gleiberman, Diana Rasoulouniriana, Lior Tal, Dvir Netanely, 

Ron Shamir, Rachel Blau, Meora Feinmesser, Oran Zlotnik, Haim Gutman, Ian L Linde, Nathan E Reticker-Flynn, Peleg Rider and Yaron Carmi

DOI: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-19-2944

Journal Summaries in Radiology

First-line selective internal radiation therapy in patients with uveal melanoma metastatic to the liver

The Journal of Nuclear Medicine — Ponti A, Denys A, Digklia A, et al. | March 04, 2020

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry

Available online 3 March 2020, 115404

Drug repurposing and rediscovery: Design, synthesis and preliminary biological evaluation of 1-arylamino-3-aryloxypropan-2-ols as anti-melanoma agents

lQiChanga JingLongb LiqingHua ZhuoChena QianbinLia GaoyunHua

JAMA Dermatology

Clinical and Dermoscopic Features Associated With Difficult-to-Recognize Variants of Cutaneous Melanoma A Systematic Review

Riccardo Pampena, MD1Michela Lai, MD1Mara Lombardi, MD1Marica Mirra, BSc1Margherita Raucci, RN1Aimilios Lallas, MD2Zoe Apalla, MD2Giuseppe Argenziano, MD3Giovanni Pellacani, MD4Caterina Longo, MD, PhD1,4

Author Affiliations

JAMA Dermatol. Published online February 26, 2020. doi:10.1001/jamadermatol.2019.4912

World Journal of Surgical Oncology

Published: 10 March 2020

Salivary cortisol levels and anxiety in melanoma patients undergoing sentinel lymph node excision under local anesthesia versus general anesthesia: a prospective study

Philipp JansenIngo StoffelsAnne-Christine MüselerMaximilian PetriTitus J. BrinkerManfred SchedlowskiDirk SchadendorfHarald Engler & Joachim Klode 

World Journal of Surgical Oncology volume 18, Article number: 53 (2020) 

Journal Summaries in Dermatology     

Survival in 31,670 patients with thin melanomas – A Swedish population-based study

British Journal of Dermatology — Isaksson K, Mikiver R, Eriksson H, et al. | March 09, 2020

eCancer – 

Cutaneous melanoma in Argentina: an analysis of its characteristics and regional differences

Dove Press

Contemporary Multidisciplinary Management of Sinonasal Mucosal Melanoma

Authors Na’ara S, Mukherjee A, Billan S, Gil Z

Received 2 October 2019

Accepted for publication 12 February 2020

Published 16 March 2020 Volume 2020:13 Pages 2289—2298



BRAF V600E mutational load as a prognosis biomarker in malignant melanoma

Arrate Sevilla, M. Celia Morales, Pilar A. Ezkurra, Javier Rasero, Verónica Velasco, Goikoane Cancho-Galan, Ana Sánchez-Diez, Karmele Mujika, Cristina Penas, Isabel Smith, Aintzane Asumendi, Jesús M. Cortés, Maria Dolores Boyano, Santos Alonso



Cancer Immunology Research

Immunosuppressive Mediators Impair Proinflammatory Innate Lymphoid Cell Function in Human Malignant Melanoma

Giuseppe Ercolano, Andrea Garcia-Garijo, Bérengère Salomé, Alejandra Gomez-Cadena, Giulia Vanoni, Beatris Mastelic-Gavillet, Angela Ianaro, Daniel E. Speiser, Pedro Romero, Sara Trabanelli and Camilla Jandus

Published Online First February 26, 2020

DOI: 10.1158/2326-6066.CIR-19-0504

Science Advances

Tracking extracellular vesicle phenotypic changes enables treatment monitoring in melanoma

Jing Wang1,*, Alain Wuethrich1,*, Abu Ali Ibn Sina1, Rebecca E. Lane1, Lynlee L. Lin1,2, Yuling Wang3,, Jonathan Cebon4,5, Andreas Behren4,5 and Matt Trau1,6,


Science Advances 26 Feb 2020: Vol. 6, no. 9, eaax3223
DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aax3223

Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology

Melanoma incidence, stage, and survival after solid organ transplant: A population-based cohort study in Ontario, Canada

Christina K. Park MD, MSca ; Erin J. Dahlke MDb ; Kinwah Fung MScc: Jessica Kitchen MScd ; Peter C. Austin PhDc ; Paula A. Rochon MD, MPHcde; An-Wen Chan MD, DPhilbcde

Available online 25 February 2020

Dove Press

Use of Antidepressants and Risk of Cutaneous Melanoma: A Prospective Registry-Based Case-Control Study

Authors Berge LAM, Andreassen BK, Stenehjem JS, Heir T, Furu K, Juzeniene A, Roscher I, Larsen IK, Green ACVeierød MBRobsahm TE

Received 5 December 2019

Accepted for publication 22 January 2020

Published 21 February 2020 Volume 2020:12 Pages 193—202


Trends in socioeconomic inequalities in the incidence of cutaneous melanoma in Canada from 1992 to 2010

Journal of Public Health (2020)

Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer

Repurposing the serotonin agonist Tegaserod as an anticancer agent in melanoma: molecular mechanisms and clinical implications

Wei LiuPawe? StachuraHaifeng C. XuNikkitha Umesh GaneshFiona CoxRuifeng WangKarl S. LangJay GopalakrishnanDieter HäussingerBernhard HomeyPhilipp A. Lang & Aleksandra A. Pandyra 

Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research volume 39, Article number: 38 (2020) 

International Journal of Epidemiology

Body mass index and height and risk of cutaneous melanoma: Mendelian randomization analyses

Jean Claude DusingizeCatherine M OlsenJiyuan AnNirmala PandeyaMatthew H LawBridie S ThompsonAlisa M GoldsteinMark M IlesPenelope M WebbRachel E Neale et al

International Journal of Epidemiology,

Published: 18 February 2020

Modern Pathology

The prognostic significance of microsatellites in cutaneous melanoma

Maarten G. Niebling, Lauren E. HayduSerigne N. LoRobert V. RawsonLieke G. E. LambooJoram T. StollmanRooshdiya Z. KarimJohn F. Thompson & Richard A. Scolyer 

Modern Pathology (2020) Published: 13 February 2020


JAMA Ophthalmology

December 12, 2019

Visual Outcome at 4 Years Following Plaque Radiotherapy and Prophylactic Intravitreal Bevacizumab (Every 4 Months for 2 Years) for Uveal Melanoma Comparison With Nonrandomized Historical Control Individuals

Carol L. Shields, MD1Lauren A. Dalvin, MD2Michael Chang, MD1; et alMehdi Mazloumi, MD, MPH1Patricia Fortin, BA1Mark McGarrey, BS1Andrei Martin, MD1Antonio Yaghy, MD1Xiaolu Yang, MD, PhD1Pornpattana Vichitvejpaisal, MD3Arman Mashayekhi, MD1Jerry A. Shields, MD1

JAMA Ophthalmol. 2020;138(2):136-146. doi:10.1001/jamaophthalmol.2019.5132


Dove Press

Celastrol Self-Stabilized Nanoparticles for Effective Treatment of Melanoma

Authors Li J, Jia Y, Zhang P, Yang H, Cong X, An L, Xiao C

Received 26 September 2019

Accepted for publication 1 February 2020

Published 19 February 2020 Volume 2020:15 Pages 1205—1214


The American Journal of Surgical Pathology

Molecular Profiling of Noncoding Mutations Distinguishes Nevoid Melanomas From Mitotically Active Nevi in Pregnancy

Jackett, Louise A. MBBS, FRCPA*,†,‡; Colebatch, Andrew J. PhD, FRCPA*,†,‡; Rawson, Robert V. MBBS, FRCPA*,†,‡; Ferguson, Peter M. MBChB, PhD, FRCPA*,†; Thompson, John F. MD, FRACS, FACS*,†,‡; McCarthy, Stanley W. MBBS, FRCPA*,†,‡; Wilmott, James S. PhD†,‡; Scolyer, Richard A. MD, FRCPA, FRCPath*,†,‡

The American Journal of Surgical Pathology: March 2020 – Volume 44 – Issue 3 – p 357-367

doi: 10.1097/PAS.0000000000001406

Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy

An additional ORF on meloe cDNA encodes a new melanoma antigen, MELOE-2, recognized by melanoma-speciWc T cells in the HLA-A2 context

Yann Godet 1 Agnès Moreau-Aubry 1 Dimitri Mompelat 1 Virginie Vignard 1 Amir Khammari 1, 2 Brigitte Dréno 1, 2 Francois Lang 1 Francine Jotereau 1 Nathalie Labarrière 1 

DOI : 10.1007/s00262-009-0762-z


Dove Press

Heavy Water Affects Vital Parameters of Human Melanoma Cells in vitro

Authors Kleemann J, Reichenbach G, Zöller N, Jäger M, Kaufmann R, Meissner M, Kippenberger S

Received 13 September 2019

Accepted for publication 24 January 2020

Published 17 February 2020 Volume 2020:12 Pages 1199—1209



Radiation Oncology

Published: 14 February 2020

Stereotactic radiosurgery combined with targeted/ immunotherapy in patients with melanoma brain metastasis

Indrawati HadiOlarn RoengvoraphojRaphael BodensohnJan HofmaierMaximilian NiyaziClaus Belka & Silke Birgit Nachbichler 

Radiation Oncology volume 15, Article number: 37 (2020) 


Functional heterogeneity of lymphocytic patterns in primary melanoma dissected through single-cell multiplexing

Francesca Maria Bosisio Asier Antoranz Yannick van HerckMaddalena Maria BolognesiLukas MarcelisClizia ChinelloJasper WoutersFulvio MagniLeonidas Alexopoulos

 eLife 2020;9:e53008 DOI: 10.7554/eLife.53008



Melanoma Characteristics in Patients with a History of UV Tanning Bed Usage

Kristy Truong, MDMohammed Milhem, MD, Nitin A. Pagedar, MD

First Published February 6, 2020 Research Article

Journal of Translational Medicine

Clinical, pathological and dermoscopic phenotype of MITF p.E318K carrier cutaneous melanoma patients

Giulia CiccareseBruna DalmassoWilliam BrunoPaola QueiroloLorenza PastorinoVirginia AndreottiFrancesco SpagnoloEnrica TandaGiovanni PontiCesare MassoneFrancesco DragoAurora ParodiGiovanni GhigliottiMaria Antonietta PizzichettaPaola Ghiorzo Italian Melanoma Intergroup (I.M.I.)

Journal of Translational Medicine volume 18, Article number: 78 (2020)


Dove Press

MicroRNA-1246 Promotes Melanoma Progression Through Targeting FOXA2

Authors Yu Y, Yu F, Sun P

Received 11 October 2019

Accepted for publication 28 January 2020

Published 11 February 2020 Volume 2020:13 Pages 1245—1253



Science Immunology

Winning with the B team?

Shiv Pillai1,* and Faisal Alsufyani1,2

Science Immunology 07 Feb 2020:
Vol. 5, Issue 44, eabb0236
DOI: 10.1126/sciimmunol.abb0236

Dove Press

Comparison of Iodide-125 and Ruthenium-106 Brachytherapy in the Treatment of Choroidal Melanomas

Authors Ghassemi F, Sheibani S, Arjmand M, Poorbaygi H, Kouhestani ESabour S, Samiei F, Beiki-Ardakani A, Jabarvand M, Sadeghi Tari A

Received 19 October 2019

Accepted for publication 31 December 2019

Published 4 February 2020 Volume 2020:14 Pages 339—346


Molecular Cancer Therapeutics

Genomic profiling of metastatic uveal melanoma and clinical results of a Phase I study of the protein kinase C inhibitor AEB071

Sophie Piperno-Neumann, James Larkin, Richard D. Carvajal, Jason J. Luke, Gary K. Schwartz, F. Stephen Hodi, Marie-Paule Sablin, Alexander N Shoushtari, Sebastian Szpakowski, Niladri Roy Chowdhury, A. Rose Brannon, Thiruvamoor Ramkumar, Leanne de Koning, Adnan Derti, Caroline Emery, Padmaja Yerramilli-Rao and Ellen Kapiteijn

DOI: 10.1158/1535-7163.MCT-19-0098


Cancer/testis antigens expression during cultivation of melanoma and soft tissue sarcoma cells

Anna DanilovaVsevolod MisyurinAleksei NovikDmitry GirdyukNatalia AvdonkinaTatiana NekhaevaNatalia EmelyanovaNino PipiaAndrey Misyurin & Irina Baldueva 

Clinical Sarcoma Research volume 10, Article number: 3 (2020)

Journal of Clinical Oncology

Cumulative Incidence and Predictors of CNS Metastasis for Patients With American Joint Committee on Cancer 8th Edition Stage III Melanoma

Lauren E. Haydu, PhD, MPH1Serigne N. Lo, PhD2,3Jennifer L. McQuade, MD4Rodabe N. Amaria, MD4Jennifer Wargo, MD1Merrick I. Ross, MD1; …et al

DOI: 10.1200/JCO.19.01508 Journal of Clinical Oncology


Dove Press

Decreasing Microtubule Actin Cross-Linking Factor 1 Inhibits Melanoma Metastasis by Decreasing Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition

Authors Wang X, Jian X, Dou J, Wei Z, Zhao F

Received 29 August 2019

Accepted for publication 28 December 2019

Published 29 January 2020 Volume 2020:12 Pages 663—673


Dove Press

Second Primary Cancers in Melanoma Patients Critically Shorten Survival

Authors Zheng GChattopadhyay S, Sundquist K, Sundquist JFörsti A, Hemminki A, Hemminki K

Received 7 September 2019

Accepted for publication 7 December 2019

Published 23 January 2020 Volume 2020:12 Pages 105—112



uPAR Knockout Results in a Deep Glycolytic and OXPHOS Reprogramming in Melanoma and Colon Carcinoma Cell Lines 

Alessio Biagioni 1,* , Anna Laurenzana 1 , Anastasia Chillà 1 , Mario Del Rosso 1 , Elena Andreucci 1 , Martina Poteti 1 , Daniele Bani 2 , Daniele Guasti 2 , Gabriella Fibbi 1,† and Francesca Margheri 1

Received: 20 December 2019; Accepted: 26 January 2020; Published: 28 January 2020

Cells 2020, 9, 308; doi:10.3390/cells9020308


The Journal of Dermatology

Immune?related adverse events correlate with improved survival in patients with advanced mucosal melanoma treated with nivolumab: A single?center retrospective study in Japan

Masaki Otsuka Satoru Sugihara Shoichiro Mori Kengo Hamada Yosuke Sasaki Shusuke Yoshikawa Yoshio Kiyohara

First published:26 January 2020


Journal of Controlled Release

Volume 322, 10 June 2020, Pages 95-107

Transdermal siRNA delivery by pH-switchable micelles with targeting effect suppress skin melanoma progression

Mao-ZeWanga1JieNiua1Hui-JianMaaHaseeb AnwarDada Hai-TaoShaoa Tie-JunYuana Li-HuaPengab


Future Medicine

Genetics plays a role in nevi distribution in women

Alessia ViscontiMarianna SannaVeronique Bataille & Mario Falchi

Published Online:17 Mar 2020

Future Medicine

Epidemiology and survival outcomes in stages II and III cutaneous melanoma: a systematic review

Rachael MillerSophie WalkerIrene ShuiAgnes BrandtmüllerKevin Cadwell & Emilie Scherrer

Published Online: 19 Mar 2020

Journal of Cancer Education

Diagnosis of Cutaneous Melanoma: the Gap Between the Knowledge of General Practitioners and Dermatologists in a Brazilian Population

Andrea Quadros GarridoAlberto Julius Alves WainsteinMarina Patrus Ananias BrandãoFernando Augusto de Vasconcellos SantosFlavia Vasques BittencourtCarolina Leshman & Ana Paula Drummond-Lage 

Journal of Cancer Education (2020)

BMC Research Notes

Circulating tumour cell liquid biopsy in selecting therapy for recurrent cutaneous melanoma with locoregional pelvic metastases: a pilot study

Stefano GuadagniGiammaria FiorentiniIoannis PapasotiriouPanagiotis ApostolouFrancesco MaseduDonatella SartiAntonietta Rossella FarinaAndrew Reay Mackay & Marco Clementi 

BMC Research Notes volume 13, Article number: 176 (2020)


Dermatologic Therapy

Efficacy of positron emission tomography and computed tomography in clinical staging of cutaneous malignant melanoma

Harun Y?lmaz Erkan Orhan Ertan ?ahin An?l A. Olguner Enver Arpac?

First published:11 March 2020


JAMA Dermatology

Evaluation of Sex-Specific Incidence of Melanoma

Catherine M. Olsen, PhD1,2John F. Thompson, MD3Nirmala Pandeya, PhD1,4David C. Whiteman, MBBS1,2

JAMA Dermatol. Published online March 25, 2020. doi:10.1001/jamadermatol.2020.0470


Clinical Cancer Research

Rapid Expansion of Highly Functional Antigen-Specific T cells from Melanoma Patients by Nanoscale Artificial Antigen Presenting Cells

Junya Ichikawa, Tatsuya Yoshida, Ariel Isser, Andressa  Laino, Melinda Vassallo, David Woods, Sojung Kim, Mathias Oelke, Kristi Jones, Jonathan P. Schneck and Jeffrey S. Weber

DOI: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-19-3487


BMC Surgery

A rare case of recurrent primary anorectal melanoma emphasizing the importance of postoperative follow-ups

Zhihao LiPeter ŠanderaMarc Beer & Markus Weber 

BMC Surgery volume 20, Article number: 68 (2020)


Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology

Racial Differences in Time to Treatment for Melanoma

RaghavTripathiMPH12 Laura K.ArchibaldMD3 Rishabh S.MazmudarBS12 Rosalynn RZ.ConicMD, PhD4 Luke D.RothermelMD, MPH15 Jeffrey F.ScottMD16 Jeremy S.BordeauxMD, MPH12

Available online 8 April 2020


Experimental Cell Research

Identification of very small cancer stem cells expressing hallmarks of pluripotency in B16F10 melanoma cells and their reoccurrence in B16F10-derived clones

Diana AparecidaDias Câmaraab1 PauloLuiz de Sá Juniorc1 RicardoAlexandre de Azevedod Carlos RogérioFigueiredode Rodrigo PinheiroAraldifDeboraLevyg DenerMadeiro de Souzaa IrinaKerkisa

Available online 9 April 2020, 111938



Metastatic Melanoma Presenting as a Ventricular Arrhythmia

Arslan BabarHassan LakSanchit ChawlaGauranga MahalwarAnjli Maroo

Published: April 11, 2020 (see history)

DOI: 10.7759/cureus.7634


Molecular Carcinogenisis

Comprehensive single institute experience with melanoma TIL: Long term clinical results, toxicity profile, and prognostic factors of response

Michal J. Besser Orit Itzhaki Guy Ben?Betzalel Douglas B. Zippel Dragoslav Zikich Adva Kubi Karin Brezinger Abraham Nissani Michal Levi Li?at Zeltzer Alon Ben?Nun etaL

First published:06 April 2020



Clinical Relevance of Liquid Biopsy in Melanoma and Merkel Cell Carcinoma

by Magali Boyer 1,†,Laure Cayrefourcq 1,†,Olivier Dereure 2,Laurent Meunier 3,Ondine Becquart 3 and Catherine Alix-Panabières 1,

Cancers 202012(4), 960;

Received: 4 March 2020 / Revised: 9 April 2020 / Accepted: 10 April 2020 / Published: 13 April 2020

British Journal of Dermatology


Trends in malignant melanoma mortality in 31 countries from 1985 to 2015

D.D. Yang J.D. Salciccioli D.C. Marshall A. Sheri J. Shalhoub

First published:04 March 2020

British Journal of Dermatology

The prognostic impact of the extent of ulceration in clinical stage I?II melanoma patients: A multicenter study of the Italian Melanoma Intergroup (IMI)

  1. PortelliF. GalliL. Cattaneo M. Cossa V. De Giorgi G. Forte G. Fraternali Orcioni A. Gianatti A. Indini A. Labianca A. Maurichi B. Merelli M.C. Montesco M. Occelli R. Patuzzo etal.

First published:13 April 2020

International Journal of Cancer

Risk of Melanoma Following Keratinocyte Malignancies

Sarah N. Robinson Michael S. Zens Judy R. Rees Dorothea T. Barton Margaret R. Karagas 

Frst published:14 April 2020

Modern Pathology

Prognostic value of macrophage polarization markers in epithelial neoplasms and melanoma. A systematic review and meta-analysis

Modern Pathology (2020)



Identification of Potential Biomarkers for Anti-PD-1 Therapy in Melanoma by Weighted Correlation Network Analysis

by Xuanyi Wang 1,†,Zixuan Chai 1,†,Yinghong Li 2,Fei Long 1,Youjin Hao 3,Guizhi Pan 1,Mingwei Liu 1,* and Bo Li 3,

Genes 202011(4), 435;

Received: 2 March 2020 / Revised: 14 April 2020 / Accepted: 14 April 2020 / Published: 17 April 2020

BMC Pulmonary Medicine

Primary malignant melanoma of the lung: a case report and literature review

Shuangshuang DengXiaobo SunZhen ZhuJingjing LuGuanghua WenXuejiao ChangHui GaoYanfei HuaLumei Wang & Jinli Gao 

BMC Pulmonary Medicine volume 20, Article number: 94 (2020)

Cancer research

Tumor cell-derived Angiopoietin-2 promotes metastasis in melanoma

Ashik Ahmed Abdul Pari, Mahak Singhal, Corinne Hübers, Carolin Mogler, Benjamin Schieb, Anja Gampp, Nicolas Gengenbacher, Louise E. Reynolds, Dorothee Terhardt, Cyrill Géraud, Jochen Utikal, Markus Thomas, Sergij Goerdt, Kairbaan M. Hodivala-Dilke, Hellmut G. Augustin and Moritz Felcht

DOI: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-19-2660

Wire’s Computational Statistics

Recent advances in hyperspectral imaging for melanoma detection

Thomas Haugland Johansen Kajsa Møllersen Samuel Ortega Himar Fabelo Aday Garcia Gustavo M. Callico Fred Godtliebsen

First published:22 April 2019

Clinical Cancer Research

Safety, Efficacy and Biomarker Analysis of Toripalimab in previously treated advanced melanoma: results of the POLARIS-01 multicenter phase II trial

Bixia Tang, Zhihong Chi, Ying-Bo Chen, Xiufeng Liu, Di Wu, Jing Chen, Xin Song, Weifeng Wang, Lihou Dong, Haifeng Song, Hai Wu, Hui Feng, Sheng Yao, Shu-Kui Qin, Xiaoshi Zhang and Jun Guo

DOI: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-19-3922


International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment and Melanoma Development

by Maria Luigia Carbone 1,†,Pedro Miguel Lacal 2,†,Serena Messinese 3,Laura De Giglio 4,Carlo Pozzilli 5,Severino Persechino 6,Cinzia Mazzanti 3,Cristina Maria Failla 1,* andGianluca Pagnanelli 

Int. J. Mol. Sci. 202021(8), 2950;

Received: 23 March 2020 / Revised: 19 April 2020 / Accepted: 20 April 2020 / Published: 22 April 2020

(This article belongs to the Special Issue Skin Cancer: From Pathophysiology to Novel Therapeutic Approaches)


The Melanoma Genomics Managing Your Risk Study randomised controlled trial: Statistical Analysis Plan

Serigne N LoAmelia K SmitDavid EspinozaAnne E CustManaging Your Risk Study Group



Science Advances

Inhibition of Vps34 reprograms cold into hot inflamed tumors and improves anti–PD-1/PD-L1 immunotherapy

Muhammad Zaeem Noman1, Santiago Parpal2,3, Kris Van Moer1, Malina Xiao1, Yasmin Yu2,3, Jenny Viklund2, Angelo De Milito2,3, Meriem Hasmim1, Martin Andersson2, Ravi K. Amaravadi4, Jessica Martinsson2, Guy Berchem1,5,* and Bassam Janji

Science Advances  29 Apr 2020:
Vol. 6, no. 18, eaax7881
DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aax7881