Lichen Sclerosus Present in 82% of Penile Melanomas

Source: Dermatology Times, August 2023

While the linkage between squamous cell cancers and genital lichen sclerosus has been well-established, fewer studies have examined the associations between penile melanomas in males.

In a recent study published in Skin Health and Disease, researchers found that genital lichen sclerosus (GLSc) was present in 82% of penile melanoma (PeMM) cases.

According to researchers Dear et al, the associations between squamous cell cancers and GLSc are well-established, as well as several reported cases of vulvar melanoma (MM) present in the literature. However, there have not been any studies linking the relationship between GLSc and genital melanoma in the male population; in such reports in the literature, these have been limited exclusively to case studies.