Hope Is Paramount During Uveal Melanoma Treatment

Source: CureToday, June 2023

An expert gives an overview of the treatment options for uveal melanoma, and why he considers hope to be an essential part of the care plan.

A uveal melanoma diagnosis often takes patients and their loved ones by surprise, as many people are not aware that cancers can occur in the eye, explained Dr. R. Christopher Bowen. However, treatment options and patient support systems exist to help patients live as long and as well as possible with this rare diagnosis.

“All this fear can bring us down and take us to a place that’s not a healthy environment. Having trust and hope is, in my opinion, equally as important as medical management,” Bowen, an assistant professor at Feinberg School of Medicine and doctor specializing in ophthalmic oncology at Northwestern University in Chicago, said in an interview with CURE®.