Gene Profile Test May Improve Risk Stratification in Cutaneous Melanoma

Source: Cancer Network, April 2023

The 31-gene expression profile test, DecisionDx-Melanoma, demonstrated improved risk stratification over American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) staging alone in patients with stage I cutaneous melanoma, according to a press release from Castle Biosciences, Inc.

Findings from a poster presented at the 19th European Association of Dermato-Oncology (EADO) Congress in Rome, Italy, highlighted an estimated 5-year relapse-free survival (RFS) rate of 93.3% (95% CI, 93.1%-94.7%) in those with low-risk stage IA disease and 87.6% (95% CI, 85.4%-89.9%) in those with high-risk stage IB disease with AJCC staging.2 For the 31-gene expression profile test, the estimated RFS rates were 97.3% (95% CI, 96.1%-98.5%) in those with low-risk class 1A disease, 88.6% (95% CI, 83.6%-93.7%) for class 1B/2A disease, and 77.3% (95% CI, 66.9%-89.2%) in those with high-risk class 2B disease.

With risk-stratification via AJCC staging, the estimated melanoma-specific survival (MSS) rates were 97.6% (95% CI, 96.2%-99.0%) in those with stage IA disease and 97.9% (95% CI, 95.9%-99.9%) in those with stage IB disease. The 31-gene expression profile test provided MSS estimates of 98.0% (95% CI, 96.7%-99.2%) in those with class 1A disease and 92.3% (95% CI, 86.2%-98.8%) in those with class 2B disease.