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Everyday Hero Event: 900Km Walk – Cure for Cancer

Jay Allen and Andrew Rust have both been personally affected by Melanoma.

Jay was diagnosed 5 years ago with a Stage III Melanoma, and Andrew was diagnosed with Stage IV Melanoma nearly 11 years ago.

Both have benefited from the incredible medical expertise and research that the Melanoma Institute provides and both credit their current survival to this support.

So to continue the good work of those before them, in fundraising activities, and to support the Institute and it’s staff to further research and eventually find a cure, Jay and Andrew will walk, as a team, from Sydney to Melbourne raising awareness for the cause up to and along the way until reaching their final destination.

To walk a distance of this significance would be a challenge to any able person. The challenge for both Jay and Andrew is to do this but also handle the conditions with the challenge of medical conditions like lymphoedema and the compromised bodies they now both have due to the operations and treatment required to survive each reoccurance of Melanoma.

All they ask is that you get behind them with your support of a donation to further the research and medical support required to eventually find a cure that will take the terrible consequences that a Melanoma diagnosis can do to not only an individual, but their family and friends as well.

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