Dr Sriramareddy on the Relationship Between Uveal Melanoma and the Liver Metastases

Source: OncLive, May 2023

Sathya Neelature Sriramareddy, MD, PhD, postdoctoral fellow, Moffitt Cancer Center, discusses how the interaction between uveal melanoma cells and the liver microenvironment could influence metastasis growth and therapeutic response.

A preclinical study presented at the 2023 AACR Annual Meeting utilized mouse models to evaluate the communication between uveal melanoma cells and liver metastases. Sriramareddy and colleagues concluded that the bidirectional communication between liver cells and uveal melanoma cells induces angiogenic pathways, leading to vascular network formation and tumor progression in the liver.

Following the development of liver metastases in mice, the uveal melanoma tumors were subsequently removed. Examination showed that targeted therapies, such as MEK inhibition, did not lead to the complete death of these tumor cells, Sriramareddy begins.