Challenges in melanoma clinical research: A snapshot from the Australasian Melanoma Conference 2016

Source: Melanoma Institute Australia, December 2016

The last decade has seen a surge in therapeutic options for advanced melanoma patients, thanks to research. However, not every patient responds to treatment and researchers are taking on the challenge to find out why.

Research presented at the recent Australasian Melanoma Conference in Sydney discussed the latest findings from clinical trials and labs around the globe. Hosted by Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA), the conference brought together 400 clinicians, researchers, nurses and students to discuss the multidisciplinary management of melanoma and showcase research innovation that is working towards personalised medicine for melanoma patients.

There have been unprecedented improvements in survival of patients with Stage IV melanoma, with one-year survival rates increasing from 25% with chemotherapy to now 75% with some treatments; but sadly not all patients are sharing this outcome. Our researchers are working towards our goal of zero deaths from melanoma, but we have many hurdles to overcome before we get there.

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