ASCO 2022: An Abundance of Data for the Field of Melanoma

Source: Medscape, June 2022

Michael Postow, MD, offers an immediate reflection on compelling data surrounding adjuvant and neoadjuvant treatments for melanoma, as well as other items of clinical interest, presented at the ASCO 2022 conference. An update on the KEYNOTE-716 trial featured more news on the benefits of pembrolizumab in improving metastasis-free survival, and further results from the PRADO study underscored the advantages of a double round of neoadjuvant therapy. The DREAMseq trial is also reviewed, which confirmed the superiority of nivolumab and ipilimumab over dabrafenib and trametinib for patients with BRAF mutation in the metastatic setting.

Dr Postow closes with a mention of the wealth of other data shared at ASCO, including a study of triplet therapy that produced an impressive response rate among patients with brain metastasis.