31-Gene Expression Profile Test Accurately Classified Risk of Death From Melanoma

Source: Dermatology Times, August 2023

Patients with the DecisionDx-Melanoma 31-gene expression profile test had a 29% lower melanoma-specific survival mortality.

Researchers examined the effect of the DecisionDx-Melanoma 31-gene expression profile (31-GEP) test on survival outcomes and its prognostic ability at the population level and found the test classified patients by risk of dying from melanoma.1 The 31-GEP test identifies patients as having low (class 1A), intermediate (class 1B/2A), or high (class 2B) risk of regional recurrence, distant metastasis, and melanoma-specific survival (MSS) beyond established histopathological features.

To gather data, Information Management Services performed a linkage between the SEER program of the National Cancer Institute’s registries data and 31-GEP testing data supplied by Castle Biosciences from October 2020 to June 2021. The initial linkage identified 6003 patients with cutaneous melanoma (CM). After exclusions, 4687 met inclusion criteria and were considered in the analysis.