Revisiting miRNA Association with Melanoma Recurrence and Metastasis from a Machine Learning Point of View

Source: DocWire News, February 2022

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Int J Mol Sci. 2022 Jan 24;23(3):1299. doi: 10.3390/ijms23031299.


The diagnostic and prognostic value of miRNAs in cutaneous melanoma (CM) has been broadly studied and supported by advanced bioinformatics tools. From early studies using miRNA arrays with several limitations, to the recent NGS-derived miRNA expression profiles, an accurate diagnostic panel of a comprehensive pre-specified set of miRNAs that could aid timely identification of specific cancer stages is still elusive, mainly because of the heterogeneity of the approaches and the samples. Herein, we summarize the existing studies that report several miRNAs as important diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers in CM. Using publicly available NGS data, we analyzed the correlation of specific miRNA expression profiles with the expression signatures of known gene targets.