InterVenn Biosciences Announces New Data Validating the Clinical Performance of DAWN™ IO Melanoma as a Novel Liquid Biopsy Test to Improve Assessment of Benefit to Cancer Patients

Source: Business Wire, June 2022

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–InterVenn® Biosciences, a clinical technology company leveraging glycoproteomics to transform the future of healthcare, today announced new data showing that its new DAWN IO Melanoma test accurately assesses and classifies advanced melanoma patients as likely or unlikely to benefit from immune checkpoint inhibitor therapies: either pembrolizumab alone or ipilimumab in combination with nivolumab. This test was developed on InterVenn’s perspectIV™ platform, which can directly interrogate the blood glycoproteome, for its own development or on behalf of partners.

InterVenn conducted the validation study of the new DAWN IO Melanoma test in collaboration with Mass General Hospital (MGH), on a cohort of 205 advanced melanoma patients. The company was able to develop a signature based on the blood glycoproteome. The test is designed to guide clinicians in accurately assessing individual likelihood of benefit to the commonly used therapies nivolumab and ipilimumab, given in combination, or pembrolizumab. The test showed strong discriminatory power with a hazard ratio of 4.93 and high statistical significance.

DAWN IO Melanoma is the first in a series of liquid biopsy-based assays that InterVenn plans to develop under the DAWN IO brand to address a variety of cancers. InterVenn is building a robust pipeline of liquid biopsy tests to unlock the untapped, rich layer of biology called the glycoproteome, which is, in simple terms, the entire set of sugars on proteins. Because of the essential roles glycoproteins play in physiological functions, the glycoproteome has the potential to be highly significant for real-time clinical decision-making.