Genomic Study Reveals Recurrent Cutaneous Melanoma Alterations, Male-Specific Mutations

Source: genomeweb, June 2020

NEW YORK – A team from Canada and the US has identified frequently-mutated genes and other informative tumor features in nearly 1,500 new and previously profiled cutaneous melanoma cases.

Beyond the potential insights that significantly mutated genes might offer into treatment targets for the disease, the combined data might provide insights into variable treatment outcomes, they reasoned, as well as the overrepresentation of cutaneous melanoma in males, who also tend to have poorer survival after their diagnoses.

“[O]ur multi-omic analysis provides insights into melanoma etiology and supports contribution of specific mutations to the sex bias observed in this cancer,” senior and corresponding author Ian Watson, a cancer and biochemistry researcher at McGill University, and his colleagues wrote in a paper published in Nature Cancer on Monday.