AI an emerging tool, not substitute, for oncologists

Source: Healio, October 2019

Advances in artificial intelligence technology and deep learning algorithms are leading the way to more timely and accurate cancer diagnoses, with the potential to improve patient outcomes.

Artificial intelligence (AI) techniques can be used to help clinicians diagnose patients with a variety of cancer types by recognizing biomarkers that may be difficult to identify on scans and tests.

“We are seeing AI take off and pass human performance in a large number of tasks,” Rodney LaLonde, PhD candidate in computer science at the Center for Research in Computer Vision at University of Central Florida, told HemOnc Today. “I’m at an internship right now for self-driving cars, and we are using the same types of methodologies to detect cancer as we are for these cars to detect pedestrians crossing the street. It’s very exciting to see the flexibility of these algorithms.”


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