UV confusion: Most Australians don't know when they need sun protection

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald, April 2018

It’s the sunburnt country, but an astonishing 92 per cent of Australians do not know they need to start protecting themselves from the sun’s harsh rays when the UV level reaches three or above, new Cancer Council research shows.
Despite widespread awareness that ultraviolet radiation causes skin cancer, most Australians didn’t know they must start “slipping on protective clothing, slopping on sunscreen, slapping on a hat, seeking shade and sliding on sunglasses” when the UV level hit 3, which at present occurs about 10.30am.
“You should take all five steps at the UV index value of 3 because that’s the level at which skin and eyes can start getting damaged and the little amounts of damage can add up and lead to cancer,” Heather Walker, chair of Cancer Council’s National Skin Cancer Committee, said.
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