Tebentafusp Offers Path Forward in the Uveal Melanoma Treatment Landscape

Source: Onc Live, April 2022

The FDA approval of tebentafusp-tebn (Kimmtrak) marks the first available therapy for adult patients with HLA-A*02:01–positive unresectable or metastatic uveal melanoma, a rare subtype of melanoma.

“When most [individuals] think about melanoma, they think about skin melanoma,” Marlana M. Orloff, MD, said in an interview with OncLive®. “Uveal melanoma is different; it starts in the eye. Patients are treated initially with ophthalmic plaque radiation, or another type of radiation, or removal of the eye. Despite the effective primary treatment of the eye, complications may occur for metastatic disease.”

The regulatory agency approved the bispecific gp100 peptide–HLA-directed CD3 T-cell engager based on findings from the phase 3 IMCgp100-202 trial (NCT03070392).1 Patients were randomized 2:1 to receive either tebentafusp (n = 252) or investigator’s treatment of choice (n = 126).