Pembrolizumab Shows Long-Term Benefit in Advanced Melanoma Subgroups

Source: Targeted Oncology, July 2020

A retrospective 10-year analysis of 3 randomized clinical trials explored the question of whether BRAF V600E/K mutations or previous use of a BRAF inhibitor with or without a MEK inhibitor in patients with metastatic disease impacted patient response to pembrolizumab (Keytruda).1

“Our findings confirmed the long-term, lasting benefits of pembrolizumab for patients with unresectable advanced melanoma and show that the effect is seen regardless of BRAF mutation status — and regardless of earlier treatment with a BRAF-targeting therapy,” Igor Puzanov, MD, MSci, the first author of the analysis, director of Early Phase Clinical Trials and chief of melanoma at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, said in a statement. “Coupled with what we know from separate studies about nivolumab, we see a clear picture of the benefits immune checkpoint inhibitors have had for thousands of people with advanced melanoma over the last decade.”2