New Kiwi Virtual Triage Tech Identifies Skin Cancer In High-Risk Patients

Source: SCOOP Independent News, July 2020

A new virtual triage service developed during lockdown has identified skin cancer in 12% of high-risk patients examined according to new figures.

New Zealand has the world’s second highest rate of melanoma with more than 2,500 new registrations and around 400 Kiwis dying from this form of cancer every year[1].

The new contactless service, designed locally by MoleMap, was used by melanographers in New Zealand and Australia to assess patient lesions remotely and refer high priority cases for further diagnosis and treatment during the lockdown.

The data showed that for every 100 patients screened, 282 suspect lesions were imaged with dermatologists finding a total of 12 skin cancers, including eight melanomas, one of which was a nodular melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer.