New Brain-Permeable Drug Targets Melanoma Brain Metastases

Source: Technology Networks, June 2022

  • For the first time in the context of brain metastasis, VHIO-led research has evidenced the striking preclinical efficacy of a BRAF inhibitor, C1a, that can cross the blood-brain barrier.
  • Published in Cancer Research, findings reveal the potent and prolonged antitumor activity of C1a in patient-derived preclinical models of mutant-BRAF-driven melanoma brain metastases, even upon relapse on approved BRAF and BRAF/MEK inhibitors.
  • Results support the clinical development of this novel compound and a clinical trial is now open to test its efficacy in melanoma brain metastasis.
  • Aimed at combating potential, future disease progression upon treatment with C1a, the investigators have also unveiled mechanisms of resistance and discovered that combinatory treatment with immunotherapy prevents resistance and tumor relapse.