Melanoma researcher covers all the bases

Source: UCI News, June 2022

Dr. Anand Ganesan probably won’t be hanging from a ceiling `a la Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, but the UCI Health dermatologist and School of Medicine professor of dermatology and biological sciences does compare part of what he does to a plot device in the 1996 action thriller.

“You know where the guy opens the switch box, there are all these wires coming down, and he’s trying to figure out which wire to cut to stop something bad from happening? That’s kind of what we’re trying to do: Cut the right wire to short- circuit cancer,” says the co-director of the Biotechnology, Imaging & Drug Discovery program at the Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Ganesan says being a cancer researcher pays dividends when it comes to his own practice as a dermatologist. Unlike other health systems in Orange County, UCI Health has a roster of physicians who double as world-class researchers in their specialties.